In today’s world, children are more likely to grow up healthy and get at least basic education than at any period within the past decades. On the other hand, many conflicts are going on, and their impact is worse than ever. The third annual report by Save the Children includes comparative data from 176 countries. It displays where children are missing out on a childhood they deserve. In the report, you can see a progress story of a whole generation, starting in the year 2000. And the most dramatic progress has been among some of the world’s poorest countries. Significant progress is made in the vital areas for the world’s most vulnerable children. Many kids are suffering from malnutrition due to the lack of food. Their natural growth is affected because of this fact, The condition is called ‘stunting’. It stops both their physical and mental growth. Global stunting rate was 32.5% back in 2000. Now, in 2018, it has dropped to 21.9%. There were 198mln stunted children in 2000 and 149mln in 2018. Today’s children’s education is a tool for our next generations against poverty and disease. Literacy is a key to confidence and sustainable future for all of us. As a result of the last 17 years’ effort, 115 million fewer children are out of school now. The out-of-school rates have fallen by 50%or even more in 35 countries. The child labor rates have fallen as well but there is still a lot to do in the area. The global rates have declined by 40%, which equates to 94 million children in 17 years. However, child labor is still a problem for 152 million children which is about 10% of all children worldwide. Half of those children’s work damages their natural physical and mental development. Millions of underage girls are forced into marriage, and many of them become mothers when they aren’t prepared for that either physically or mentally. This rate has again fallen over the last two decades due to proper education and government support. 31 million children were among the tens of millions of people who were forced to leave their homes two years ago. This is one of the numbers we have to worry about because it’s unprecedented, just like the number of children in war zones.

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