Our Mission

Together we grow, support, and connect the thriving tech and entrepreneurial hub in Chico and Northern California.

Why Chico?

We’re located in the heart of Northern California, a mere 2 ½ hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area, where tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook attract the most talented developers to Silicon Valley. Yet we believe the opportunities available in places like Silicon Valley fall short of offering its workforce the balanced life it deserves. Chico is a special place with an exceptional alternative for those looking for a higher quality of life and who want to contribute to our local entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem. More about Chico.

In Chico, we believe we deserve to enjoy both the satisfaction of worthy work in our careers and the fulfillment of leisurely pursuits outside of work.

In Chico, we believe the best life is a balanced life, where you can work smarter not harder, and move quicker – where the technology you build delights the customers who use it, and makes an impact in the community and beyond.

In Chico, we believe the best life is one where you can be part of a strong community brimming with rich culture and opportunities to serve, and where you have time to spend with family and enjoy the outdoors. This is precisely what Chico has to offer.


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