All growTECH FEST Workshops will take place at Stoble Workplace located in Downtown, Chico.

5 Leadership Skills You Need to Build an Awesome Culture

10/6/22 – 8:30 AM

PRESENTERS: Michael and Kathryn Redman, Founders – Half a Bubble Out

DESCRIPTION: There are five core skills that are proven to make your company more profitable, your leadership more effective and your culture more resilient. If you want a company that continues to grow and stay competitive in today’s marketplace, this workshop is for you. In companies with strong cultures people enjoy their work, they are more effective and efficient as a team, and these companies are ultimately more highly valued by investors. Learn what these skills are, how to measure them, and gain some practical takeaways that you can implement immediately in your company.

Streamlining Access to Grant Funding

10/6/22 – 10:30 AM

PRESENTER: Sedale Turbovsky, CEO –

DESCRIPTION: Planning for funding this year? 2022 – 2023 brings a fresh wave of capital, including $1.2 trillion from the US Infrastructure bill for economic development, small business, and tech innovation. Join OpenGrants’ CEO, Sedale Turbovsky, for a live demo and workshop on new tools and resources to help you tackle sourcing the right opportunities and connecting with experts.


In this session, we’ll cover: 

  • How to use OpenGrants to maximize success
  • New platform tools and features
  • How to prepare for and capitalize on new programs
  • Comprehensive Q&A session

Opportunities in the CleanTech Ecosystem

10/6/22 – 1:00 PM

PRESENTER: Thomas Hall, Executive Director – Cleanstart

DESCRIPTION:  The hub for new CleanTech innovation is California, and the opportunities for innovation and funding are abundant, especially in rural regions. Learn about the opportunities to connect and seek funding made available to the region and how you can take the first steps in bringing your idea to market. 

Items Covered:

  • Why it matters regionally
  • CalSEED & CalTest Bed
  • Grant Portals & ARB, Calfire and more
  • Regional Support Networks, Empower Innovation, Blue Tech Valley, & CTO

Funding & Forecast, Money Panel

10/6/22 – 3:00 PM

Cheryl Beninga, Co-Founder, Fourth Wave
Darryl Schoen, President, MFS Lease
Tom Tognoli, Partner, 1 Flourish Capital

DESCRIPTION: Learn from investment experts about different types of funding, what investors are looking for and a forecast for the future. We are excited to have these experts join us for this “money panel”! 


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