Your favorite toy can become someone else’s best friend. Share your love! Toy Story 4 is already in cinemas, and we decided to celebrate it together! We’ve started a partnership with Disney Pixar and a chain of cinemas to encourage young people to donate their beloved toys to the next generation. During the first month of the release, you’re welcome to bring one of your best-kept toys to the cinema with you and drop it into the donation basket. Our organization will make sure children in need living in Australia get the gist from you. This is not a one-time activity. You can always donate toys to Toy Well hubs across the country. It’s a community initiative that collects toys for those who don’t have the luxury of a typical careless childhood. By donating the toys, you don’t just help a child, but you also give your precious toy a second life, adopted by a new loving family. We also have op shops across Australia where you can just buy toys and help raise new funds for changing the lives of vulnerable children. Both you and your children can get to experience the precious moment of joy when you give away something to those in need, from the very bottom of your heart. After you buy your tickets and enjoy the beautiful movie, don’t hesitate to share your love and excitement with little kids waiting for a little gift.

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